Fresh Produce for Senior Nutrition

My family and I have been blessed by this community since day one in 2019 when we first moved to this great city. As a Chef I can find no greater way to express my love and care through food and fresh home grown produce. I know that from the start I wanted to share with my neighbors. But I do not only want to share I want to empower and help inspire to grow and have more control of what exactly you put in your body!

I have seen tremendous generosity, love and kindness and I want to return the favor.

I want to make sure we offer our seniors the choice of fresh produce…FOR FREE!

Lucas’s Eden is a non Profit surviving on donations and the kindness of our own community and those who believe in our cause.

Photo Aug 23, 5 27 36 PM

Community taking care of community

All produce grown on Lucas’s Eden is pesticide free and non GMO. If you are interested in picking some fresh veggies at Lucas Eden contact me at I only use organic untreated soil and compost on site. All monetary donations go to Meals-On-Wheels for Seniors.

Please Donate or if you grow your own goodies and have some to spare please share! I will be more than happy to come pick up. Part of our mission is to ensure waste is at a minimum and that all of our hidden gems in our very own community are accounted for and loved.

Sprouted August 23rd 2019 By Gabriela Perezmartinez, Now with over 100 varieties of edible plants and trees with special interest in waste reduction and medicinal uses of plants, with a mission to aid senior nutrition.

We are highlighting hidden gems in your own community by introducing “community” grown produce, educating the community, empowering self nutrition, reducing waste, reducing pests, promoting individual passions and talents in culinary, getting back to traditions of slow food passed down for generations.

If you would like to give a monetary donation please click Donate and give what ever you can to help support and help continue what we have started. All donations are tax deductible and the tax ID is available on the website.

Thank you for your valuable time… and happy eating!


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